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Buffalo Grove Real Estate Market Trends

Buffalo Grove real estate salesI’ve been out of commission, so here’s what has changed in the month leading up to the end of the buyers credit. In the beginning of April there were 210 homes on the market, now there are 231. This is to expected, after all, it is the spring market and we have a $8000. buyer credit.

Here is what has changed. The majority of the sales in Buffalo Grove have been in the 100,000-400,000 dollar range, but what has changed is that sales of 400,000-500,000 homes have doubled in the month. This may mean that we are raising the bar for our purchases, or it’s the last push for the home buyer credit. We will see.

If are curious to know how the market in Buffalo Grove did compared to a year ago here you go. In a years time sales increased 21%, prices went down 8.4%. I will keep an eye out to see where the trend is going.