Buffalo Grove Needs a New Restaurant and Other Thoughts

Thoughts That Make You Say,”Are You Kidding Me”?

The other night, I was in the mood to go to a local restaurant that I hadn’t been to in a while. Unfortunately, I came up Thoughts about Buffalo Groveempty handed, so I went to the new Seasons 52 restaurant in Schaumburg. The food, service and atmosphere was great. The had a phenomenal piano player, and as I said the food was different, in a good way, and the service was outstanding.

Yes, I know it’s a chain,but maybe we can get a chain here. Maybe two of them. When was the last time a “chain restaurant” opened in Buffalo Grove and is still open? Why do we seem to be at a standstill for opening restaurants, grocery stores, etc. while all around us activity is happening? I guess the question should be, who’s kidding who?

Now About the Cubs…

I was at the Cubs game the other night. A friend of mine got tickets,five rows behind the dugout. The game was typical Cubs, no timely hitting, lazy fielding, that’s you Soriano, and throw in a error for good measure. Hey, the kid is only 20 years old, give him a break.

But the thing that kills me is the ushers. They act like THEY own the seats. They were guarding those seats and preventing anyone from seating there, as if it was Fort Knox. That’s also true for anyone that might have been given a ticket stub, by someone leaving.

When I was a kid,going to the old Yankee stadium, I would either sneak in,or return enough soda bottles to buy a bleacher seat.  Around the 6th inning we would go to the box seats, and ask the guys leaving, for there ticket stub. Usually,they would give it to us,the ushers would leave us alone after checking the stub, and we would hope we would get a foul ball or maybe extra innings.

Mr. Ricketts, you were a kid once, you say you’re a fan, how about letting some kids have the experience of a life time. Tell the ushers to back off, the corporate owners GAVE the kids the stub. Relax,remember, it’s supposed to be a kids game.

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