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Buffalo Grove Real Estate Market Trends

Buffalo Grove real estate salesI’ve been out of commission, so here’s what has changed in the month leading up to the end of the buyers credit. In the beginning of April there were 210 homes on the market, now there are 231. This is to expected, after all, it is the spring market and we have a $8000. buyer credit.

Here is what has changed. The majority of the sales in Buffalo Grove have been in the 100,000-400,000 dollar range, but what has changed is that sales of 400,000-500,000 homes have doubled in the month. This may mean that we are raising the bar for our purchases, or it’s the last push for the home buyer credit. We will see.

If are curious to know how the market in Buffalo Grove did compared to a year ago here you go. In a years time sales increased 21%, prices went down 8.4%. I will keep an eye out to see where the trend is going.

Dog Will Be Missed in Buffalo Grove

Goodbye to My Loyal Companion

Almost 12 years ago, a colleague in my office was looking for someone to take a dog that her niece could not handle. Foolishly for me, I mentioned this to my youngest son who had been wanting a dog forever. We went to see the dog,and before we knew it,t he dog, all his belongings and cage were in my car, with his owners asking that the only thing they wanted was for us not to change his name. That day, almost 12 years ago, we now had a dog named Bailey.

We went through a lot with Bailey, labs are very rambunctious, and there was lots of damage; shoes, molding, doors, carpet, and more shoes. He got into and ate chocolate, ate a whole noodle kugal, glass bowl and all.  During these times we spent considerable time and money at the emergency hospital. Not once did he ever have an accident in the house.

But even with all the drama, Bailey was always there for me. Whether it was a rough day at the office, the weather was lousy, or the stock market was crashing, he would be waiting at the door, tail wagging, ready to give me a wet kiss. I guess that’s what they call unconditional love. No matter what kind of day I had, I knew he would be there with a smile on his face. Everyday was a good day for him and me with him.

When I had my car accident that should have killed me and definitely should have killed him he survived and was brought home thanks to the kindness of a stranger. When we met up after I got out of the hospital, I thought he cried when he saw me again, I know I did.. When I had my heart attack, he keep licking me, till the paramedics arrived.

On Jan 7th Bailey was diagnosed with osteosarcoma-bone cancer in his leg. After much thought we amputated his leg and started chemo. He had finished his last treatment and was doing great, no side effects, nothing. Then this past Saturday, I found him laying by the front door, where he had his first accident. He had contracted a bug from having low white blood cells (chemo) and was sick. This one he couldn’t fight, he died this past Sunday.

It hasn’t been easy. I don’t think it’s supposed to be. You just don’t forget all the good times that  happened these past 12 years. We will all miss Bailey, not for the love we gave to him, but what he gave to all of us, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Buffalo Grove Single Family Sales and Inventories

Buffalo Grove Real Estate  Sales and Inventories Update

This week the inventory crept up slightly to 210 homes on the market. Slightly more than last week.

Sale’s in the $400,000+ range were constant where the $200,000-$400,000 range increased in inventory and fewer sales than before.

Rate’s are slightly higher and prices are still bumping along the bottom with everyone waiting to see what happens after April 30th with the end of the buyer credit.

For the latest information on Buffalo Grove real estate or to make an appointment call Andy Ackerson at 847-465-3630 or email me.

Buffalo Grove Baseball Program for Kids

Buffalo Grove Baseball

BGRA celebrating its 50th anniversay starts the baseball season April 23


The BGRA (Buffalo Grove Recreation Association) Baseball program is an all volunteer organization that is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year. This year it is also having a t-ball program for 5 year olds. If you’re looking to go back to your youth the season starts April 23rd for ages 5-thru high school+.

The BGRA program is well known and admired throughout the area. Baseball is alive and well in Buffalo Grove

For more information go to